Minors Training Course

The Minors Course for ages 9-10 is an advanced version of the Rookie curriculum. The Minors course takes coaches through more complex drill work and coaching techniques. This course was designed to assist coaches working with youth baseball and softball players that already have a basic knowledge of the game and the foundation to develop their skill sets.

This intermediate course includes:

  ❖ Full access to the Rookie Curriculum, PLUS...
  ❖ Fielding progressions
  ❖ Footwork drills
  ❖ Advanced pitching techniques
  ❖ Hitting drills
  ❖ Catcher fundamentals
  ❖ New and improved drills to use at practice.

You also receive:

  ❖ 79 Training Videos covering even more drill work and coaching techniques 
  ❖ 8-Sample Practice Plans
  ❖ Defensive Progressions 
  ❖ Situational Play
  ❖ Sample Line-up Card
  ❖ Pre-Game Warm-up Routine
  ❖ Field Utilization Chart

EXTRA Bonus!
Access to our Exclusive Coaches Facebook Page - Get tips and talk to our expert Coaches!


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