Majors Training Course

The Majors Course for ages 11 and older is the most advanced course we offer, targeting coaches that have a team moving on to the bigger field. This course is intended for coaches with players that already have a grasp on the basics of the game. There are several new components of the game when teams move on to the bigger field and this course will walk you through everything that needs to be covered.

This advanced course teaches all aspects of the game including: 

  ❖ Corrective drills
  ❖ Leads & steal breaks
  ❖ Situational play

This course will teach your coaching staff...

  ❖ Position specific training
  ❖ Hitting stations
  ❖ Fast paced drill work for your practice

The coursework includes...

 ❖ Access to our Rookie & Minors Courses 
 ❖ 116 advanced videos focusing on position specific training
 ❖ 15- Sample Practice Plans 
 ❖ Defensive Progressions 
 ❖ Situational Play
 ❖ Sample Line-up Card
 ❖ Pre-Game Warm-up Routine
 ❖ Field Utilization Chart

EXTRA Bonus!
Access to our Exclusive Coaches Facebook Page - Get tips and talk to our expert Coaches!



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