Do you have Quick Hands? 

Try our 30-Day Challenge.  Coach Duke Baxter will show you how to be a DOUBLE PLAY WIZARD. 

The art of a double play is being able to recognize the ball speed, runner speed, your positioning, your DP partner positioning, the game situation, and the situation of the game to take one batted ball and from one player to another player to a third player all before 4.3 seconds (which is the average MLB runner) sounds impossible but the feeling it gives you to be part of us hard to explain.  

I call it the ‘ D-Spot’ the spot in your hand that is used to deflect the ball from the glove to your hand faster than any type of glove to hand exchange. Many have to blink twice and ask to see it again because it’s that fast.  A blink is .4 of a second and a person that can do quickhands can get the ball from his deflection out of his throwing hand quicker than that. 

I am going to show you the step by step process to be a Turn2 or double play wizard with your glove and hand. 

The process and results aren’t to show off, and some say it’s impractical or hit doggish but let me tell you that when you turn hundreds of double plays for your pitchers and your team they clap and give you high fives Instead. 

Just like a bare handed play, or a slow roller that are low percentage plays they must be practiced and worked on so that they are as routine as everything else. 

Start Dominating your defense today- Lets go!!! 


Join our 30-Day Quick Hands Challenge

Improve your skills in 30-Days!

Coach Duke walks you through a 30-day sequence with specific skills and exercises for each day to dramatically improve your ball skills. 

For a pitcher to throw one pitch and get 2 outs is a ‘pitchers best friend’.

  • Are you looking to quicken your hand ball exchange and be smoother and faster on double play turns … this is the perfect process for you.  In just 15 days you will see a noticeable difference and in 30 days you will be transformed. 
  • Do you want to wow your teammates and your coach and give yourself the advantage in just 30 days, Duke Baxter's 30-day QuickHands Challenge
  • A 30 day step-by-step guide to improve your hand speed, glove speed and your release time is paramount in being part of a double play.  A game that is full of game losing and game winning seconds and milliseconds will help your team with this method.
  • Each day you will be sent a drill with explanations, descriptions, and number of reps.  
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Join our 30-Day Quick Hands Challenge