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Get access to the entire universe of coaching materials and watch your coaching skills skyrocket. 

Sign Up for a Dominate The Diamond Membership 


Get access to the entire universe of coaching materials and watch your coaching skills skyrocket. 

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Here at Dominate the Diamond, we value all youth baseball and softball coaches Taking on the Title of Coach.  Coaches have the opportunity to shape the lives of so many kids each season and teach them not only the game, but the life lessons the game offers — Teamwork, Resilience, Hard work & Respect just to name a few.  Let us help guide you to be the best coach you can be! 

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 Are you sick of boring, disorganized practices?
Do you need help with creative drills to keep the kids interested and having fun?
 Do you want position-specific training to maximize the skills of your athletes?
Do you need downloads and templates to help you manage your team?
Would it be helpful to have TONS of pre-made practice plans ready for you?
In other words, do you want to be more prepared and have more videos, drills and training to coach your team to the best of your ability?

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Picture yourself
as a fully confident, organized and fun coach.

You’re ready
for practice and the games.
The kids are happy and having fun and your team is energized and showing off their skills.

Why now is the best time to Dominate the Diamond?

Not sure if the time’s right to train for baseball and softball?
COVID cancellations, bad weather, no team practice?

Now is the PERFECT time! 

Use the time to get trained, get fit and get READY!  We have drills you can do INDOORS!!! There’s remote training you can do at home, a wall ball course and even a sidewalk circuit you can use with kids of all ages for speed and agility. 

The off-season is the best time to get ready to DOMINATE THE DIAMOND!

Let’s Go! I’m ready to maximize my coaching!

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Dominate the Diamond Universe –


The entire COURSE LIBRARY with over 550 videos

> The entire MAJORS course which includes over 115 HD Training Videos
> Pitching Course
> Catching Course
> First Baseman Course
> Turn 2 Course
> Sidewalk Circuit Course
> Remote Training Course
> 30-Day Quick Hands Course
> Wall Ball Course

PLUS: Our Newest Course!

> 8-Week Team Training

All of our downloadable content

> In-Game Management Strategies
> Field Utilization Chart
> Sample Line-up Cards
> Player Code of Conduct Templates  
> Parent Code of Conduct Template
> Line-up Card Template
> Game Strategies and Baseball IQ – Questions and Answers, a fun exercise to assess your player’s understanding of baseball strategy

+ Amazing Bonuses

> Drill Bundle

- Indoor Drills
- Team Building Drills
- Outfield Drills

> Private FB Group
> More added all the time!

What’s included in the DTD Universe Membership?

Don't forget, you'll get over 550 videos!!! PLUS ALL OF OUR DOWNLOADS and DRILLS. New content added all the time!

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Best TrainingI've seen on the net.Informative and allows me to structure my practices and programs to the best of my ability. I love coach Duke and Coach Steve. They both are informative and not only help me, they help me help other coaches to turn our program into a machine.

Steve Batten Jr.

Every concept and/or drill I have seen addresses a specific skill and leads to improvement. All of the points made follow good coaching and scientific principles.

William Gorski

The course is excellent material! Most programs and drills are focused on ages 12 and up, where these drills will give you a firm foundation to build towards the more advanced drills for when your player is actually ready for them. The advanced drills they offer are excellent.

Daniel Garner

What a great course and great community! With no baseball season happening so far in 2020, this is keeping my son engaged while improving his game.

Timothy Hatch

The coaches that run this program go out of their way to put themselves in the kids shoes. They are innovative in their approach and never come off as self-serving. In it for the kids and their parents. That's rare in the industry and as long as they're creating. content - I'll be buying. Thanks all the way from down here in Texas!

Patrick Criss

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"I don’t have time for these courses."

The truth is, you’ll always be busy but the kids will only be young once and now is the time to create the best experience for them and you.  You’ll find the course fun and easy to navigate so it will be something you enjoy doing rather than another chore you have to do.

"I don’t have the money for this membership."

We get it, times are tough right now and we completely get that. We’d like you to think of the course as an investment that pays dividends. What are those dividends? Confidence, organization, fun, an improved season --- MEMORIES. We want you to create great memories for you and your team. As a confident, prepared coach, that is what you’ll get.

"I have so much on my plate."

Yes, we know you’re busy. The good news is, our course fits seamlessly into your day and your practice. You can access it on the go with our app. And, it’s not just busy work. It’s an investment in yourself to be the best coach you can be. You’ve got this! We’ll help.

Let's Do This!

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We are 100% confident this course will improve your coaching.  If for some reason, you don’t feel that your coaching has been transformed, just let us know at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to refund your investment.

Duke Baxter and Steve Nikorak

Meet Your Coaches

We’re glad to have you as part of our
Dominate the Diamond Community

Coach Steve Nikorak and I (Duke Baxter) created this community and our courses with every youth coach (and parent) in mind. We live and breathe baseball. We’ve played in elementary, high school, college and pros and we’ve been coaching for years. Our goal is to help fellow coaches teach the game that we love and keep the kids playing.

Featured on Fox News

Now is the time to transform your coaching and be the best you can be. 

With DTD Universe...

✅ You get access to our ENTIRE LIBRARY
✅ You’ll have the plans and drills you need to run and effective practice
✅ You’ll learn how to teach baseball fundamentals.
✅ You’ll have access to our coaching resources and downloads.
✅ You’ll receive all of our POSITION SPECIFIC training to transform your athlete
✅ You’ll have access to DRILLS, VIDEOS and new MATERIAL
✅ You’ll be ready to master game time.

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