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Duke Baxter and Steve Nikorak

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Coach Steve Nikorak and I (Duke Baxter) created this community and our courses with every youth coach (and parent) in mind. We live and breathe baseball. We’ve played in elementary, high school, college and pros and we’ve been coaching for years. Our goal is to help fellow coaches teach the game that we love and keep the kids playing.

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Coaching Fundamentals

Get access to 115+ HD Videos perfect for new and returning coaches. Includes drills, and practice videos that get results in throwing, hitting, fielding, pitching, catching, outfield, sliding, baserunning and situational play. 

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With Dominate the Diamond Universe you get access to ALL of our content. All of our courses from coaching fundamentals to position-specific - Pitching, Catching, First baseman, Turn 2. Plus Drill bundles for all levels AND all of our downloads and templates -- practice plans, field utilization charts, line-up cards and SO MUCH MORE.

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Position Specific Courses

We’ll help you create the ULTIMATE pitcher, catcher, first baseman, or infielder. Our position-specific courses are designed with a step-by-step approach to develop youth athletes skills.

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