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Baseball and Softball Coaches ...

Are you struggling with unorganized, ineffective practices?
Do your kids get bored easily and is there too much standing around?
Do you need help with creative drills?

Being a baseball/softball coach is one of the most fun and incredibly rewarding pursuits you can have as an adult, and especially as a parent... But, coaching can be DIFFICULT... Keeping the kids moving & engaged, making the most of your 90 minute practices, trying to utilize your volunteer parents, all while trying to keep it fun! This can be an overwhelming task even if you’re a seasoned coach…
I Want The Majors Coaching Course!


In this comprehensive course you'll have lifetime access to 9 video modules PLUS downloadable charts, cards, and more, and learn how to:

  • Create the perfect practice every time
  • Set up drills - hitting, pitching, base running, fielding, catching...
  • ​Situational plays - force plays, bunt defense, checking the runner...
  • ​Pre-game warm up routines, line up cards, sample practice plans...
  • Much more!

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I Want The Majors Coaching Course!

Let Me Ask You


Q.  What's the difference between a practice where kids tug at their coach's shorts, miss ground balls, and look bored - and one where the kids are engaged every second, pushing each other to be better and having fun while sharpening their skills?

A.   Having your practice, drills, and line ups planned before it even starts!

I want the Majors!

What's included in this comprehensive course?

The Majors Course Includes 9 Video Modules, 115+ Videos, PLUS Downloadable Coaching Resources!

It has two other courses included with it (Rookies & Minors), so it doesn't matter if your kids are 6 or 16, what level of coach you are, or how long you have been a coach - this course is designed to make you a better coach, your kids better players, and everyone's lives a whole lot easier! It's a great deal for coaches with kids who will grow into the game.Use our youth baseball player development get your player to the next level. 

The Major's course is one of the most advanced course we offer, targeting coaches that have a team moving on to the bigger field. This course is intended for baseball and softball coaches with players that already have a grasp on the basics of the game. There are several new components of the game when teams move on to the bigger field and this course will walk you through everything that needs to be covered.

All lessons come in small, bite sized videos to make learning easy and fun!

  • You'll learn fun practice and warm up drills that get results
  • You'll get access to over 100 videos that teach drills and set ups
  • How to set up Training Stations
  • Pre-made Lineup Cards
  • Downloadable Field Utilization Chart
  • Practice Plans
  • Warm-up Routines
  • And so much more!

This isn't just some eight week program, this is a system that gives you all the resources you need to PLAN and CREATE GREAT PRACTICES, COMMUNICATE WITH YOUNG PLAYERS IN LANGUAGE THEY WILL UNDERSTAND, set up drills that make them better at the game, and make sure you and everyone else has a great time every step of the way! In short - this is designed to be the last training course you'll ever need.

Meet Your Course Instructors:

Duke Baxter (on the left) is CEO and Head Coach at Zoned Sports Academy as well a bestselling author, an inventor, entrepreneur, and most importantly husband and dad of four. Duke holds numerous hitting records at the University of North Florida and spent four years playing professional baseball.

Steve Nikorak (on the right) professional career includes the Chicago White Sox, Somerset Patriots (Atlantic League), St. Paul Saint’s (American Association) and New Jersey Jackals (Can-Am League). He has a degree from Temple University. Steve is a bestselling author, Coach and instrumental in Business Development at Zoned Sports Academy.

Baxter and Nikorak share a love of baseball and desire to keep kids in the game by teaching the fundamentals and keeping the game fun!

A Note from Coach Duke & Coach Steve

Our Vision for You and Your Team

Hey Coaches -

If you don't have a plan, you might not know how the next practice will go until it's actually happening! This makes them unnecessarily stressful - and it's already a hard job!

Especially if you're a coach who just wants to have fun and share some moments with your kids as they grow up - let alone if you want them to win games...

If you want smooth practices that practically run themselves while teaching kids what they need to succeed - then you need a game plan. Structured practices, drills done in the correct order, with ways to teach your kids how to learn and grow - in language they understand.

 If we could guarantee that our course will give you the tools to make creating and running practices a breeze, setting up drills second nature, and give you the tools to keep everything fresh season after season, would you be ready to invest in a coaching program that finally gave you all that?

 Our coaching programs returns coaching to the fun bonding experience it was meant to be! 

You'll be running smooth and super fun practices that kids love in no time - without the stress or worry about how to create amazing practices all season long.

You'll learn how to teach them hitting, pitching, fielding, and baserunning in ways that make it fun for them to learn - and for you to teach. So you can see consistent improvement from excited kids, every week!
Imagine showing up to the field on a warm sunny day... and the kids are all excited for practice.
Everything just seems so effortless, the kids know their positions, happily practice their drills, and encourage each other to be better at every turn.

When you sit down for the after practice meeting, everyone runs to sit down for it, because they love your coaching, your practices, and being out on the field with you!

Dominate the Day!

Coach Duke Baxter & Coach Steve Nikorak

Don't just take our word for it - Check out what other coaches are saying!

"Very impressed with the service after the sale, I feel very good about this purchasing decision. I've been a part of my sons development from 5yo now we are preparing for his 6th Spring season as he transitions into 12y. I've learned a lot about how preparation for the game has changed and useful drills to help overcome obstacles and develop good technique. That being said there are so many videos in this package that I love and wish I'd have been exposed to sooner. If you're an experienced coach or a new coach on the fence stop waiting, pick it up, save a hundred bucks on the Majors package which currently includes the two sessions below it."

Ereck Ladd

"I purchased your course and I gotta say that it s amazing! I'm really impressed. Great videos, simple to understand and effective. This is my 2nd year as a little league coach and Ive been able to learn and use this to implement to our team and to my son. It s well worth it. Ty guys & Keep it up!!"

Omar Morales

"I bought this course earlier this year and I love it. Definitely the best out there. Bit size tutorials that get straight to the point. I think it’s great for both parents, coaches and even the kids. My son watches the videos all the time, especially the drills he can do alone like the tee workouts."

Joey Medina

Dominate The Diamond Majors Course

The last baseball/softball coaching program you'll ever need!

We take difficult drills and explain them in an easy way - doesn’t matter if your kids are six or sixteen! We show you how to fix problems by communicating at their level - both physically and mentally.

This course is a complete system - not just an eight week program.
You'll learn how to create your own unique practices and drills, best suited to what your kids need.

This complete system for Baseball and Softball coaching comes with:

  • ​115 HD Advanced Instructional  Baseball/Softball TRAINING VIDEOS FOCUSED ON POSITION SPECIFIC TRAINING - $149 value
  •  15- Sample Baseball Practice Plans - $29 value
  •  Defensive Progressions - $29 value
  • Situational Plays - $49 value
  •  Sample Line up Cards - $39 value
  •  Pre Game Warm up Routine - $29 value
  •  Field Utilization Chart - $19 value
  •  Access to the Rookie Course and the Minors Course - $248 value
  •  Access to our EXCLUSIVE Coach's Facebook Page - priceless
  •  TOTAL VALUE OF THIS PACKAGE = $591 worth of course material!

TOTAL VALUE OF THIS PACKAGE = $591 worth of course material!

But for a limited time only, you can get the Majors course for - 


Only $97 Today!

9 HUGE Video Modules jam packed with content!

Module 1: Throwing

Lesson #1: 4-Seam Grip
Lesson #2: Checkpoints
Lesson #3: Arm Action
​Lesson #4: High Five Drill
Lesson #5: Throw to Targets
Lesson #6: Throwing at Wall
Lesson #7: Throwing Progression
Lesson #8: Shuffling
​Lesson #9: Quick Hands
Lesson #10: Arm Angles (clock)
​Lesson #11: Towel Drills
​Lesson #12: Wall Drill

Module 2: Fielding Ground Balls

Lesson #1: Prep Step
​Lesson #2: Triangle
​Lesson #3: Skateboard
​Lesson #4: Line Drill (charging)
Lesson #5: Box Drill
Lesson #6: Semi-Circle Bare Hand Progressions
Lesson #7: Semi Circle Glove Progressions
Lesson #8: Glove Side / Forehand

Lesson #9: Backhand 
Lesson #10: 3 Cone Drill #1 
Lesson #11: 3 Cone Drill #2 
Lesson #12: 3 Cone Drill #3 
Lesson #13: Ladder Drill #1 
Lesson #14: Ladder Drill #2 
Lesson #15: Intro to Diving 
Lesson #16: Slow Rollers 

Lesson #17: Diving #1 
Lesson #18: Diving #2 
Lesson #19: 2nd Base Palm Up Flip 
Lesson #20: 2nd Base Power Flip 
Lesson #21: 2nd Base Quick Pivot 
Lesson #22: Short Stop Underhand Flip 
Lesson #23: Short Stop Drop Step 
Lesson #24: Short Stop Double Play Turn 
Lesson #25: 2nd Base Double Play Turn

Module 3: Outfield, Fly Balls, and Line Drives

Lesson #1: 3 Different Ways to Catch the Ball
Lesson #2: Catching Fly Balls
Lesson #3: Windshield Wiper
Lesson #4: Fly Ball Squishy
Lesson #5: Communication
Lesson #6: Crow Hop
Lesson #7: Drop Steps
Lesson #8: Drop Step / Communication

Lesson #9: Drop Step Drill
Lesson #10: Get Around the Ball
Lesson #11: QB Drill
Lesson #12: Getting Behind the Ball
Lesson #13: Outfield Sliding Catch
Lesson #14: Outfield Combo Drill #1
Lesson #15: Outfield Combo Drill #2
Lesson #16: Outfield Combo Drill #3

Module 4: Pitching Mechanics

Lesson #1: The Set Up
​Lesson #2: Leg Lift & Balance
​Lesson #3: Separation
​Lesson #4: Extension & Finish
​Lesson #5: Windup vs. Stretch
​Lesson #6: 4-Seam Grip
​Lesson #7: 2-Seam Grip
​Lesson #8: Change-up Grip
​Lesson #9: Pick-offs
​Lesson #10: Slide Step
​Lesson #11: Extension Drill

Module 5: Base Running

Lesson #1: Running through 1st Base
​Lesson #2: Rounding 1st Base
​Lesson #3: Running through 1st Base Drill
​Lesson #4: Rounding 1st Base Drill
​Lesson #5: Secondary Leads
​Lesson #6: Tagging Up
​Lesson #7: Hit the Inside Corner
​Lesson #8: Leading
​Lesson #9: Steal Breaks
​Lesson #10: Delay Steals
​Lesson #11: Dirt Ball Reads

Module 6: Sliding

Lesson #1: Figure 4 Slide
​Lesson #2: Diving Back into Bases
​Lesson #3: Hook Slides
​Lesson #4: Head First Slides

Module 7: Hitting

Lesson #1: Stance
​Lesson #2: Load
​Lesson #3: Lower Half / Connection
​Lesson #4: Extension
​Lesson #5: The Finish
​Lesson #6: Swing Path
​Lesson #7: Points of Contact
​Lesson #8: Moving the Tee - Points of Contact

Lesson #9: In Game Approach
​Lesson #10: Soft Toss Drill
​Lesson #11: Front Toss Drill
​Lesson #12: Bunting
​Lesson #13: Walk Through Drill
​Lesson #14: Step Back Tee Drill
​Lesson #15: Flamingo Tee Drill
​Lesson #16: Turn & Burn Drill
​Lesson #17: Move Runner Over - Situational Hitting

Module 8: Catching

Lesson #1: Safety Tips
​Lesson #2: Positioning
​Lesson #3: Signal Stance
​Lesson #4: Primary Stance
​Lesson #5: Secondary Stance
​Lesson #6: Block
​Lesson #7: Throw Downs
​Lesson #8: Reading the Pitch

Module 9: Situational Plays

Lesson #1: Force Play
​Lesson #2: Tag Play
​Lesson #3: Combo Drills
​Lesson #4: Cuts & Relays
​Lesson #5: Bunt Defense
​Lesson #6: Infield Situations
​Lesson #7: Checking the Runner
​Lesson #8: Rundowns
​Lesson #9: First Base Footwork
​Lesson #10: First Base Picks

Module 10: Downloads

Lesson #1: Field Utilization
​Lesson #2: Pre Game Warm Up Routine
​Lesson #3: Sample Line Up Card
​Lesson #4: Sample Line Up Card 2
​Lesson #5: Sample Practice Plan 1
​Lesson #6: Sample Practice Plan 2
​Lesson #7: Sample Practice Plan 3
​Lesson #8: Sample Practice Plan 4
​Lesson #9: Sample Practice Plan 5
​Lesson #10: Sample Practice Plan 6

Lesson #11: Sample Practice Plan 7
​Lesson #12: Sample Practice Plan 8
​Lesson #13: Sample Practice Plan 9
​Lesson #14: Sample Practice Plan 10
​Lesson #15: Sample Practice Plan 11
​Lesson #16: Sample Practice Plan 12
​Lesson #17: Sample Practice Plan 13
​Lesson #18: Sample Practice Plan 14
​Lesson #19: Sample Practice Plan 15

Here's a sample of some of the time and headache saving tools that we include!

Sample practice plan
Sample field utilization drill plan

Choose the course that works best for you!



$67 Majors

The Rookies Course assists coaches working with the beginner level baseball player.
Here's what's included! 
This course explains both the correct mechanics of each skill set as well as the drills used to teach it. This introductory course teaches the fundamentals of the game with an emphasis on simplicity and keeping the game and practice fun, upbeat and energetic!
  • 38 HD Instructional Baseball Training Videos
  •   ❖ 5 Sample Baseball Practice Plans
  •   ❖ Sample Line-up Card
  •   ❖ Pre-Game Warm-up Routine
  •   ❖ Field Utilization Chart
Buy ROOKIE Course





The Majors Course is the most advanced course we offer, targeting coaches that have a team moving on to the bigger field.
This course is intended for baseball coaches with players that already have a grasp on the basics of the game. There are several new components of the game when teams move on to the bigger field and this course will walk you through everything that needs to be covered.
Here's what's included! 
  • ❖ Full access to the Rookie and Minor Curriculum, PLUS...
  •  ❖ 115 HD advanced instructional baseball training videos focusing on position specific training
  •  ❖ 15- Sample Baseball Practice Plans
  •  ❖ Defensive Progressions
  •  ❖ Situational Play
  •  ❖ Sample Line-up Card
  •  ❖ Pre-Game Warm-up Routine
  •  ❖ Field Utilization Chart
Buy MAJORS Course



$87 Majors

The Minors course is an advanced version of the Rookie curriculum. The Minors course takes coaches through more advanced drill work and coaching techniques.
This course was designed to assist baseball coaches working with baseball and softball players that already have a basic knowledge of the game and the foundation to develop their skill sets.
Here's what's included! 
  • ❖ Access to Rookie Course
  •   ❖ 78 HD Instructional Baseball Training Videos covering even more drill work and coaching techniques
  •   ❖ 8-Sample Baseball Practice Plans
  •   ❖ Defensive Progressions
  •   ❖ Situational Play
  •   ❖ Sample Line-up Card
  •   ❖ Pre-Game Warm-up Routine
  •   ❖ Field Utilization Chart
Buy MINORS Course

Our course is the most comprehensive Baseball and Softball coaching course on the market today. And, we’re so confident that we’re offering you a 30 day full-100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, contact us and we’ll refund your money.

Get your course and start DOMINATING THE DIAMOND Today!


Does the Majors course come with both the Rookie and Minors courses?

Yes it does! It's the most savings and best investment for coaches of younger players who want to grow with the game! It's also great for advanced students to get ahead or coaches who want to add extra tools to their tool-belts.

How do I access the videos? Do I need to wait for anything in the mail?
You get instant access to the entire package, right over your computer, smartphone or tablet. There's no waiting for DVDs in the mail, and no shipping charges!
Can parents and athletes use this? Or is it just for coaches?
This online clinic includes drills and techniques that can be done individually, with a partner, or with small group of players. So it’s great for coaches to use during team practice… OR for parents or athletes who want to work on their skills at home.
What age level is this for?
This online system is designed for kids age 6 and up, and recommended for players at all competitive levels. The material covers everything from basic fundamentals to more advanced skills and strategies, so there's something here for every team.
Can I contact you?
Sure!  The best way to reach us is via email at [email protected]  

How The Online Course Works

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As soon as your order is securely processed, we’ll send you a link that directs you to our members area, where you can create an account and get instant access to all the material.

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9 Video Modules Give You Everything You Need To Succeed As A Baseball or Softball Coach!

When you purchase today you'll receive:

Module 1 - Throwing: 12 video lessons on 4-Seam Grip, Throw to Targets, Arm Angles, and more

Module 2 - Fielding ground balls: 25 video lessons on Prep Step, Box Drill, Cone Drills, 2nd Base Double Play Turn, and more

​Module 3 - Outfield, fly balls, and line drives: 16 video lessons on Catching Fly Balls, Communication, Getting Behind the Ball, and more

Module 4 - Pitching mechanics: ​11 video lessons including The Set Up, Extension & Finish, 2-Seam Grip, and more

Module 5 - Base running: 11 video lessons on Running through 1st Base, Secondary Leads, Steal Breaks, and more

Module 6 - Sliding: ​4 video lessons on Figure 4 Slide, Hook Slides, and more

Module 7 - Hitting: 17 video lessons on Stance, Swing Path, Front Toss Drill, and more

Module 8 - Catching: 8 video lessons on Positioning, Primary Stance, Reading the Pitch, and more

Module 9 - Situational plays: 10 video lessons on Force Play, Combo Drills, Infield Situations, and more

And a ton of downloads!


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