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Baseball is an American way of life, and as a parent, you may have been looking for a way to get into coaching youth baseball. Dominate the Diamond is a one stop shop for comprehensive training courses that allow you to build the skills you need to be an effective and inspiring coach. With a library of over 1000 instructional videos, as well as a host of resources designed to elevate your coaching experience, you can become the coach that will take your team to the grand finale.

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Coaching Little League Baseball Made Easy

At Dominate the Diamond, we know that the coaching experience is second to none when it comes to spending time outdoors with your kids. As experienced professional ball players, we have created the ultimate resource for learning how to be an effective coach. With our membership, you can self-study in a range of areas, including pitching, catching, batting, fielding, throwing and more in order to create powerful players that have respect for the game. You also benefit from our resources including line up cards, field charts and a mobile app that allows you to take practice on the go.

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