How to Teach Pitchers to Finish their Pitch

Oct 20, 2020

Are your pitchers throwing the ball high?

Is locating down in the zone impossible for your pitchers?

Are you struggling trying to help your pitchers through strikes?

Cy Young once said- "Control is what kept me in the big leagues for twenty-two years."

Having good control is one of the most important characteristics of a great pitcher.

Throwing the ball downhill is very important and having the...

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Sprints and Agility for Pitchers

Jul 22, 2020

The Importance of Speed and Agility

We are building some competitiveness into our practice.

  We are going to be mixing the position players and the pitchers.  We are adding some competitiveness in the exercise.  The first drill is the 5x10x5, which is a focus on the crossover and explosiveness.  We are working on speed, agility, and explosiveness.  We are helping all...

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Competition Drills for Throwing a Baseball

Mar 29, 2020

Competition Day!

Today is the day we are going to show some drills that you can do at the end of practice, at home with family, or in the facility.

Everyone likes competition and this drill is great to compete.

You can use these as ways to gain points, team tallies, scoreboards, or just fun!

The First Drill is Target Throwing Practice

Line up a tee with a ball on it, a bucket, any type...
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