Drills for Pitchers After Pitching

Aug 22, 2020

The Tempo Run and Long Distance Running


Q:  What should pitchers do after throwing a bullpen or pitching in a game to help in their recovery.


Coach Mike Nikorak talks about 2 ways that are very helpful and can help your pitchers and players recover quicker and healthier.


 The First method is long distance running often times called 'Poles' in which we run from...

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How to Teach a Pitcher a Change Up

Jul 30, 2020

What is a Change Up, and WHY is it important?

Why throw one?-


When to throw one?- 


Mike Nikorak a 1st round draft pick in the 2015 MLB draft by the Colorado Rockies tells us first hand the importance ..


A change up is a secondary pitch used to throw off the hitter's timing.


If and when a hitter seems to be timing up your fastball then mixing up pitches...

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My Kid Only Throws Strikes When ...

Apr 01, 2020
Coaches have you seen the situation where your pitchers are throwing great until someone steps into the box?

The players throws gas and its right over the plate ... and then ... a hitter steps into the box. OH NO!!!

The pitcher then starts throwing balls all over the place and his velocity goes way down.

The solution ... building confidence on the mound.

When your pitcher steps onto the mound he...
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