How to Teach Cuts and Relays for First Baseman

Aug 26, 2020

Baseball Coach Training

Teach Cuts and Relays for the First Baseman

Hey guys, in this video, we're going to talk about cuts and relays. As a first baseman, as we move up to the bigger field especially, we are the cutoff man for both right field and center field. I know a lot of times on the little league field, the pitcher's the cutoff man for left center and right, but as we get to the bigger...

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Walking Pick Drill

Aug 04, 2020

The Walking Pick Drill

We are often asked the question?

What is a good drill to help our players stay low and to help them scoop or pick the ball better?

That is a great question and we are showing the 'walking pick drill.'

You can do this drill at home, in the house, or at practice.

How to execute the drill

Grab a baseball and get to work.  You toss up the ball and you focus on staying in...

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