Coaching Youth Baseball --- What should coaches do during the game?

Playing youth baseball and softball is tough!   Think about it…  All the pressures associated with playing well for your teammates.  Trying to compete with the pitcher while the coach is telling you what to do from the dugout.  Worrying about letting your parents down while they’re cheering and yelling in the stands… It’s difficult to balance all of this, especially a game where you’re going to fail 70% of the time, IF you’re of the best players on the team. 

During my past few seasons coaching, I’ve asked a lot more questions to my players than ever before.  When I first started coaching, I was always so concerned with coaching and teaching all the time, I forgot what it was like to be coached.  I wasn’t doing it intentionally, I just wanted to pass along as much knowledge as I could.  I was trying to help, but at times I was probably causing more harm than good by flooding them with...

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