Timing and Rhythm at the Plate

Nov 07, 2020

Hey guys, I get this one a lot. You go to the field and you're facing a really slow pitcher. And you hear kids in the dugout, "This guy throws too slow, or this girl throws too slow. I can't wait back." You'll hear coaches say, "Sit back and wait for it."

Kids struggle. They'll be way out in front. They'll hit rollovers. The biggest key when we're hitting different velocities is making sure...

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Med Ball and Smushball Warm up

Nov 06, 2020

Med Ball and Smushball Warm up

We get asked a lot of questions from coaches on what to do before games with their players if there are no batting cages.

A lot of times we'll get to fields and there are no batting cages.  Often times you see one cage, you have one player hitting and you have 11 or 12 players standing there watching. 

So what can you do to keep your...

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