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Top Warm Up Infield Drills (Pick Progression)

baseball warm up infield development pick progressions Jul 07, 2022

Warming up the infield players is important for a successful game. Coach Duke and Coach Steve show some warm up pick progressions. They start on their knees about 8-10 feet apart with no glove. They position their bodies with their hips back and chest slightly forward. They toss short hops to one another while the other player works through fielding the ball. They do five that they catch out in front with fingertips down, pushing through the ball. Then they do forehands with their leg extended out to the side before doing backhands with the other leg extended.  

 After these routine drills, the same drills are performed with a glove on: five forward, five forehand, and five backhand. Younger players can use the glove to just roll the ball over to the other player because they do not always know how to throw short hops. As they field the ball, their elbows bend outwards and move the ball in toward their chest.   

From here, the same pick progression drills are done while standing. This is done in timing with the left foot. The left foot steps forward as the ball is fielded to keep the player moving toward first base. Finally, the coaches work on choppy steps around a ball while fielding to work on right left timing and rhythm toward first.

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