Walking Pick Drill

baseball coach training baseball training first baseman infield development Aug 04, 2020

The Walking Pick Drill

We are often asked the question?

What is a good drill to help our players stay low and to help them scoop or pick the ball better?

That is a great question and we are showing the 'walking pick drill.'

You can do this drill at home, in the house, or at practice.

How to execute the drill

Grab a baseball and get to work.  You toss up the ball and you focus on staying in good posture and you pick the ball as soon as it hits the ground.  This is a great drill for competition at practice.  Alternate the backhands and the forehands and enjoy the practice.  It doesn't matter what position you play on the field this is a great drill for footwork and glovework.

Enjoy the drill. 

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