The RIGHT WAY to Approach Umpires (Youth Coaches)

umpires youth baseball youth softball May 26, 2022

Approaching umpires during games is something that never gets discussed for youth baseball and softball coaches. Below are a few things you have to focus on when questioning a call, talking to an umpire or discussing a situation.



1. Always show respect. Introduce yourself during ground rules, shake their hand and get their first name. Don't call the "BLUE" or "UMP." We want to address umpires by their first name during a game.

2. Keep an open line of communication throughout the game. Ask them how their day is going, how many games they have that certain day, or even discuss the game.

3. If you question a call or ask for help, go out respectfully, discuss the situation and politely ask them for help. This might mean asking their partner for a different angle or perspective on the call.

4. Don't yell and scream from the dugout. These umpires already hear enough from the fans and parent's. They don't need coaches screaming at them from the dugout and will make any productive conversation later in the game that much more difficult. 

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