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TRY OUTS | How to Pick The Right Players for Your Teams

baseball tryouts parent relationships tryout evaluation Jul 19, 2022

Picking players for a team can be one of the most difficult things a coach has to do. At Zoned, the type of teammate, their parents, the way they fit the team culture, the positions they play, and their work ethic are super important to picking the people on the team.

Our tryouts are held to try to find the missing pieces for each team to help make the team better while developing the players and creating success. That is what makes players want to stay on a team and helps every individual baseball player grow separately and together. When a previous player needs to be cut for a new player, communication is key. Emails or generic responses are not the way to go. Instead, calling the player themself or the family allows for explanation and possibly the ability to keep the player within the organization, just on a separate team. Through honesty, the coach can give the player areas of improvement so they can truly develop their skills and make their weaknesses their strengths.   

Additionally, assigning the player a role on the next team can help them strive to better themself. By understanding that while they may have batted 12th on the first team, by moving to a team that better suits them they can bat in the middle of the lineup and have more time on the field.   

It is important to be reminded that the type of team a player is on does not define their abilities. The "elite" or "A" team does not show success at all stages and is just a name that people strive for while forgetting about the importance of development or their love for the game. This is crucial for parents to understand because they play such a big role in influencing the players. To avoid a negative influence, Zoned coaches meet with the parents and players prior to season about the expectations. Occasionally, parents will try to coach the kids but most often it does not work.   

Having the tough conversation with the parents allows for the player to have more fun on the field and build trust in the coaches.  

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