Dominate The Diamond - "Triple Play Video"

baseball baserunning drills baseball catching drills for beginners baseball coaching baseball coaching tips baseball hitting drills pitching drills Mar 03, 2022

Dominate The Diamond | How to Teach Coaches to Field Ground Balls | How to Pick at First Base in Baseball | How to Teach the Do or Die Play in Baseball
 #baseball #softball #groundballs In this live video, Duke Baxter demonstrates a drill to help baseball coaches teach their players to field ground balls. With this simple drill, the baseball players focus on agility and repetition as they move around the cones and act as though they are fielding multiple balls.

Steve Nikorak shows us an awesome drill for improving picks at first base. Because you only need a ball, this drill can be done anywhere at any time. This drill covers the key points of a pick: stride to the throw, get low, bury your head behind your glove, and move through the ball. By demonstrating common mistakes and adding in friendly competition, this drill is a great way to improve your game as a first baseman.

In this fast paced video, Steve Nikorak demonstrates a drill for throwing on the run and working on making your players comfortable with uncomfortable throws. With only 2 cones, the players can gather the necessary skills for accuracy toward first base at any speed or positioning. The baseball players sprint through the cones, simulate fielding the ball, transfer weight onto the right leg, and throw at any body angle, as would happen in the real game.

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