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How Long Should Tournament Games Be?

baseball softball tournament play tournament timing Jul 14, 2022

The rules vary for tournament games depending on which tournament you enter. Coach Duke Baxter says he thinks that an hour and fifty minutes is a reasonable amount of time for a game. The hard stops can be difficult when games are very close or a run has a chance at being scored and changing the score.  

Coach Duke prefers when there is "no new inning" after a specific time, but that can also be difficult to get all the games of the tournament in when working with a time crunch. However, with hard stops, a team can eat away at the time by changing pitchers and such which makes it impossible for the other team to try and change the score.   

Coach Steve Nikorak agrees that the no new inning policy would be best, but understands why the hard stop is in place when playing four or five games a day due to tournament. Both coaches agree that no new inning would be the best way to go to keep the games fair, but still stay within the time constraints.

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