EASY TIPS on First Time 1B Players? (YOUTH BASEBALL)

easy tips first base youth baseball Jun 09, 2022

This video will help all youth baseball and softball players with footwork and positioning at 1B! Below are the keys to being in the correct position and having the best footwork when playing first base.

1. Get to the base early! Start with your heels on the corners of the base and start in an athletic position.

2. Pivot off the foot that you throw with! Right-handed players pivot with their right foot and left handed players pivot with their left foot.

3. Work off the edges of the base, don't step on the middle of the base.

4. Work on all 3 different types of footwork. Straight pivot, replace the feet, & crossover are the 3 different types of footwork that you will need to dominate first base! 

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