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The Quarterback Drill for Outfielders

outfield drill quarterback outfield Mar 02, 2021

In this video, we're going to get the players actually running and moving to the baseball.

Being creative in small spaces is important and with this drill you don't need much space.  Have your players all start with a baseball.  This drill is called the quarterback drill. The first player is going to toss the baseball.

✅ Once he tosses it to me

✅ He's going to take off running

✅ I am going to grab the ball and toss it up in the air

✅ He's going to catch the baseball and then peel back around.

It's going to look like this. Go. Go. Go. They reset, start this way. Another variation is they're going to start facing me this way. He's going to toss the ball. Go. He's going to peel off, take off. Face me. Go. He's going to peel off. He's going to face me. Go. He's going to peel off. After we do that, we can start on the other side. Now, we're not only getting them to go to their forehand side, but we're getting the work off and work on their backhand side. Guys, start on this side. Here we go. Ready, go. Go. Go. That's a great way to work on the quarterback drill, getting them to run full speed, working to their left and working to their right.

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