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The Hecostix Challenge for Baseball Brain Power

baseball challenge competititon hecostix Mar 29, 2020

Competition Day 2!

Today is the day we are going to show some drills that you can do at the end of practice, at home with family, or in the facility.

Everyone likes competition and this drill is great to compete.

You can use these as ways to gain points, team tallies, scoreboards, or just fun!

This drill is about using the visual, handeye, and then executing the catch- WATCH DRILL NOW

We are using a Hecostix for this drill.  You can use different colored balls if you would like, or put some different colors tap on a pvc pipe.

Find a way to have fun and compete with the eyes, ears, and touch.

Have fun and create whatever rules you want to best fit your team or situation.

If you are interested in the HECOSTIX click this LINK to check out the different colors.

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