Easy Team Warm Up Routine (Youth Baseball)

baseball warm up team warmup youth baseball Jun 07, 2022

During our pre-game warmup routine, it's important that all youth baseball and softball teams get their an hour early! It's our job as coaches to prepare our players for first pitch!

1. Start with a dynamic warm-up, get the blood flowing and build up a sweat before they pick up a ball.

2. Always follow a progressive throwing program that is timed and works on the throws that each player will make during the game. 

3. Prep your team with solid Batting Practice in pre-game. Create stations, keep the kids moving and get a ton of swings in!

4. Infield / Outfield - if not allowed on the infield this can be done in the outfield in 2 separate lines.

5. Work on timing and get a look at the opposing pitcher outside your team dugout.

6. Team talk and play ball! 

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