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How to Get Your Pitcher Locked In!

baseball coaching tips coaching pitchers pitcher development strikes youth pitcher Aug 16, 2022

Duke Baxter and Steve Nikorak break down some mental tips when your pitcher is throwing strikes but being hit. Trusting the infield is crucial to a pitcher who can lock in.   

In situations where the pitcher keeps throwing strikes and the infield is making errors, it is easy to get frustrated as any member on the team. One way to refocus the pitcher is to send the catcher to the mound to talk and get the pitcher fired up or have the infield players reassure the pitcher he/she is doing a good job and that the infield is there to support them. Make sure the infield players let the pitcher know that his job is to throw strikes and if he is doing that then that is all the infield wants.   

At the younger ages, it is important to stay positive because the chances of errors being made in the field are so much greater. Trying to stay focused and determined is the best way to keep your pitcher from getting frustrated.   

Additionally, the pitcher's body language is reflective of his attitude, which makes it even more important to keep your head up. Negative body language does not help the pitcher support his teammates in the field and actually sends a bad message to the defense. Just as the infield needs to support the pitcher, they need to support one another when errors are made to provide the player who made an error confidence to make the next play.   

As a defense and coaching staff it is our job to pump each player up, keep the energy flowing, and reassure that the next play will be better than the last.

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