Increasing Pitchers' Strike Percentage

pitcher strikes youth baseball youth pitcher May 24, 2022

A great question that we often get during our live show is "how can we increase a pitchers command and ability to throw strikes during games?"

Most players when warming up do just that... they throw to get their arm loose. We must teach our players that every time they play catch, it's with a purpose. Whether it's a bullpen, mid-week pitching session, or even in pre-game make sure your players lock in and treat it like it's a game.



We also love to track our progress and keep track of how productive our practice sessions are. Keep notes and log each of the pitching sessions to see how many strikes they're throwing. It's challenging to "flip the switch" and all of a sudden concentrate and throw strikes with a batter in the box and an umpire behind the plate. Create situations at practice where a hitter is in the batter's box to make practice as game-like as possible.

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