Stir Crazy in the House, Coach Help!

mental talks motivation Mar 25, 2020
Lets all stick together and find ways to communicate with one another, stay connected, share videos, team challenges etc ...
We all realize it's so hard because our routines are gone, and everything is so not normal from our homes, training regiments, school, daily routines, etc.
Try some of these ideas that I have implemented and they have helped.
1. Before you get out of bed tell yourself, I am going to make it a great day! (we can dominate the day, or let the day dominate us)
2. Walk or do a small workout when you wake up. (jump start your energy)
3. Drink lots of water and hydrate. (they say thats super important)
4.  Spend :10 minutes by yourself and plan your day (before social media)
5.  A good healthy breakfast
6.  Say and DO 1 thing positive with each person in your home that will make them smile, and they will say 'Thank You' (we all need that right now)
Leave any comments or contact me with any questions, or help if anyone needs it.
Please stay healthy and safe.

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