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Stay Positive, Screaming Makes it Worse

coaching tips parenting issues Jun 05, 2021

The other day I was at a game and man was it tough to coach.  I was in a Rec game and a 10U parent was screaming at their son after every pitch.  It was hard to watch and very upsetting for the player so much so that after strike 2 he started to tear up in the batters box.

What are we doing?  Theses kids are out playing a game and supposed to be having fun and some people are stripping the fun right out of it to say the least.

Here is what I did to help the player succeed and my discussion to the parent will be for another blog!

1. Walked over tot he player took a knee to get to his level

2. Told the player to take 2 deep breathes and close his eyes

3. Positive self talk to get him in a better state of mind

4. Renforced that he can and will do this

BOOM!!! He ripped a single over the shortstops head and was so excited.

We have to remember the influence we have good and bad!  Let's go coaches lets continue to be our best and help these players be their best.

Dominate the Day!

Coach Duke and Coach Steve

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