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baseball iq situational play May 28, 2022

Baseball & Softball IQ are things that come from experience and playing time. Here at Dominate the Diamond, we created Baseball IQ cards to teach the players on our team certain situations and what to do in them.

We can never assume that our players will understand situations, defensive assignments, situational hitting, reading the pace of the ball, knowing the speed of the runner etc... As coaches, we need to walk through these situations in practice, use a dry erase board and slow down our teaching to explain the "why" not just the "how."

We love to set up certain situations at practice with runners and hitters to make practice more game-like. Spread your coaches out around the field and talk to the individual players. Also, moving your players around so they have a well-rounded understanding of the game instead of just their position will increase their baseball IQ as a whole.

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