Routines and your Why!

mental game motivation Apr 29, 2020


Have a reason to wake up!  As coaches I would like for you to write down … WHY do you Coach!!

What is it that you LOVE about Coaching?  What is it about the game that you LOVE?

Those are your WHY statements!  These will fuel and ignite you.

That is why you coach, that is why (FUEL) you need to do the little things to be the best at it.

We have programs, practice plans, line up cards, remote programs, everything you need to help but FIRST you have to get your mind RIGHT!

You get your mind and body RIGHT by having a morning routine that works and ignites you to DOMINATE the Day!

As human beings and now more than ever as coaches we don’t know when our season is going to start so its so much harder to start thinking of our practices, our players, there is no set date to look forward to.

Some of the states are slowing re-opening up and we still don’t know when the season is going to start.

The tournaments aren’t sure when they are opening the fields or when the games are but lets say May 15th is the starting date.

BOOM!- when that is said you immediately have a goal point, a set point for us to be ready!

If we then don’t start until June that means we only have to maintain for 2 more weeks.

Too many players are sitting at home and they don’t have an end date so lets give them an end date to at least get them in the MODE!

Morning Routines

  1. Wake up and say the day is going to be great, and its up to us to make it great
  2. Drink a glass of water 1st thing to hydrate
  3. Go on a walk, treadmill, exercise for :20 minutes
  4. Breathe, be grateful, be thankful, power up
  5. Think of the 3 most important things for the day
  6. You are ready to dominate the day!

Do these 6 things every morning immediately upon waking up and all it takes is :30 minutes.

Start the day right and you will run the day and the day won’t run you.

Go out and start influencing your family, players, and yourself.

It all starts with you and if you start off the day right you can then give to others what you have.

Be the best you can be.

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