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When to Remove a Pitcher From the Game?

pitcher youth baseball youth pitcher Jul 09, 2022

As a coach, it can be extremely difficult to decide when it is time to pull a pitcher out of a game. Many different factors can play into this decision. When a player begins to throw with less consistency, we often send a coach out to pump the pitcher with confidence to see if he is able to turn it around.  

Sometimes, it just is not the time for that pitcher. After throwing multiple balls, or having multiple players get hits off of the pitcher, they can get defeated and it is reflected in their performance. At this time, after a few batters, sometimes one more batter is all they need to get a second chance when the score provides the leeway. It is important to give the pitcher an opportunity to work through the struggles because that is when they grow as a player, but you also do not want to leave them in complete defeat if they are continuously walking the hitters.   

Ultimately, it comes down to knowing your player. Sometimes a player really still wants the ball after the first couple of walks, but it is up to you as a coach to recognize when they are done if they walk more. This is when understanding the player as an individual can help you make the best decisions for them and the team.

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