baseball team pitching pitch delivery May 15, 2022

Controlling the running game in youth baseball and softball are crucial to a teams success on defense. As youth coaches, we must work on pick off moves, changing up our times and not repeating the same delivery every time.

This can be done during the throwing program, simulated games or even during bullpen sessions at practice. Base runners try to time up the pitchers delivery to home plate. If our pitchers repeat the same cadence or timing to home plate, it gives the base runner an advantage and players begin to cheat. Try to create 3 different moves/times to home plate and have your players work on all 3 of them during practice sessions. An example might be:

Option 1: 1 second hold and pitch

Option 2: 3 second hold and pick off

Option 3: 2 second hold and slide step to pitch

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