Keep Track of Your Quality at Bats!

hitting improvements quality Jun 18, 2022

The number of hits a player gets and the quality of the hits are not the same! As a parent or a coach, it is important to focus on the quality of the hits for your players. A player may have a great hit that the defense was still able to make an out. This does not take away from their hit, but it is easy to make it seem like it.   

Sometimes a player can go 0 for 2, but have two quality hits. By focusing on the quality, we can feed the players confidence. At the game, Coach Duke used a "Quality at Bat Chart". This chart had all the players names and the components of a quality at bat. At the end of the game, even though the player may have been 0 for 2, it could have been a sacrifice bunt, or the player got hit and was still able to steal 2nd and 3rd and drive in a run.  

The chart goes to show that the players can still have a huge impact on the success of the team without doing well "by the book". In getting the parents to understand this, we can prevent panic mode, keep confidence, and try to not worry about the batting average as much. In removing some pressure, the players can think "what can I do to help my team win today?" in other ways than just what we think of as "a good hit".

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