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How to Prevent Kids from Misbehaving

coaching tips prevent misbehaving youth baseball youth softball Aug 30, 2022

As a youth coach, sometimes there are moments that your players are on hyperdrive and you and your coaches feel like it is impossible to keep them controlled.

Most of the time, when one player is misbehaving, it can create a chain reaction where all the players start misbehaving. At Zoned, we do not blame it on what happened during the day or the night before because that stuff just happens. If it's a nice day, sometimes kids will spend the whole day playing outside and by the time they get to practice they find it difficult to focus. Finding the balance between baseball and life can be challenging. Some parents will not let their kids out all day in preparation for a game where others will be out late at night with a game the next morning. Overall, as coaches, we do not dictate what happens and sometimes the best games are played when sick or tired.   

We find that as coaches, we get very locked in on doing a specific drill or working on something specific. When we have this level of focus and the players do not reciprocate it, it can seem like everything is going wrong. But it often seems much worse than it really is. If the players are really going crazy, sitting them down for a minute and saying "Hey guys, you need to refocus and get out there ready to go" can help the coach and players to reset practice and start fresh with a new mindset. As a coach you must recognize this can happen at any age, not just the younger players.   

We find that the most important thing is identifying which 1 or 2 kids are the ones who usually goof-off at practice and separating them. Keeping them at two different stations on opposite sides of the field and keeping them moving fast paced, helps to prevent them distracting other players or even themselves.

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