Practice Hitter Timing

hitting May 15, 2021

Hey Coaches! 

As we get closer to the start of the season and most of us are in season here is a great coaching drill for your players.  So we've talked a lot about pre-game and what to do prior to the game whether it be the dynamic warm up, the throwing program, fielding stations, we’re going to talk today about a hitting drill that you can do right before the game. 
So one we like to do with our hitters aside from just coming outside the dugout and watching the other pitcher warmup and work on their timing, a great one just to simulate their load and their timing.  Have a coach with a ball and line up your players in a semi circle.  So you'll see we have cones lined up, your players can spread out, you get one player at each cone and all they're going to do is they're going to get their stance and they're just going to work on their rhythm and timing. 
This might be after batting practice 5-10 minutes before first pitch. We're kind of getting their body warmed up to see a pitcher. So I'm going to go through my simulated stretch position here I'm going to get ready to throw and Duke’s just working on his timing and again we have 6,7,8, all nine hitters lined up all at once, again just working on their timing. 
So we get set up here as a coach, we go through our delivery, and Coach Duke's just working on his rhythm and timing. So again, we have cones to simulate the players right here but it's a great drill to do, foul territory, maybe down the left field line just before first pitch to really get your players dialed in to hit.
Have fun with this drill

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