How to Teach Your PITCHER to Keep Composure on the Mound

baseball pitcher pitcher development Jun 02, 2022

It's important that we as coaches take time during practice, bullpen sessions or even batting practice to explain the importance or remaining composed on the ball field. Talk through situations, explain that things will go bad at times and teach the players how to handle and battle adversity.

One thing we love to discuss with our players is teaching the other players on the team to talk to their teammates when things aren't going well. Sometimes the Short Stop or Catcher can go to the pitcher's mound to help slow the game down for the pitcher. We talk about this with our defense and tell them it's their job to pick up their teammates after an error or bad play.

Breathing, Visualizing & Trusting Your Ability are all things that players can focus on individually to help with concentration and remaining composed on the mound. As a coaching staff or a parent, we should take a step back and refrain from yelling and screaming which will only make the situation worse! 

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