Utilizing Pitchers in Tournament Baseball

baseball team pitching tournament youth baseball Jun 23, 2022

Choosing pitchers during a tournament can be extremely challenging, especially with youth players. First, we look at the rules and restrictions for pitching in the tournament, then the possible schedule and the game times. Additionally, Coach Steve likes to look at who we are playing to get a feel for how competitive the team is and choose pitchers accordingly.  

Even if there are no rules restricting it, we do not recommend having a kid throw back to back days to keep the arm safe. Be aware of how many throws they preform in warm up, pregame, and as another position, not just how many pitches are thrown on the mound during game time.   

In the first tournament of the year, we recommend throwing impressive pitchers to set the tone for the whole season. It is also important to remember that as we get further and further into a tournament, other teams also have less pitchers to throw, so it is important to get there first as opposed to attempting to save your best pitchers.

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