Pickup the Ball at Home: Base Running

baserunning May 17, 2021

Often times when the players are running from base to base they put their heads down or just stare straight at the base. We are going to show a drill using a cone that will help remind them to take a peek at the ball while running.  So all that cone is going to do is it's going to tell me that I have to look in towards home plate to find the ball.

So I’m a runner on first, I get out to my lead, and let's say it's a hit and run or just a straight steal I can't just run with my head down.

If players just run with their heads down and then a fly ball is hit we will get doubled up at first.  So using a cone is just a great way to teach your younger players as soon as you cross the cone look in towards home plate and find the ball. The reason we have it about 3 steps away from me because after I break for my steal, that's about how long it's going to take for the ball to cross home plate so it's perfect timing.  As I pass the cone that ball should be crossing home plate and we’ll see right away whether or not that is a batted ball, swinging and miss, pop-up, ground ball, and I just know exactly where I have to be.

So I’m going to get out to my steal break right here, as soon as the pitcher delivers the pitch, I break, on my third step I'm going to pick it up, find where the ball is, either continue or get back on a pop fly. So full speed I'll be here get out to my lead, I get my steal brake, and I peak home and I always find the ball because we always want to make sure we know where it's at so we don't get double up.

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