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Pick Offs to Second Base

pickoffs shortstop youth baseball youth pitcher Jun 30, 2022

The shortstop and pitcher have an important connection during a game, especially for pick offs. The shortstop can get a feel for and know what the runner is doing before the pitcher can. At Zoned, we have something called "Daylight".   

Daylight is when the second base runner is on the side of the shortstop, and the shortstop wants to make a pick off play. The shortstop flashes the inside of his glove to the pitcher. In response, the pitcher touches the brim of his hat signaling that he understood the message. Afterwards, when the pitcher is getting set, he looks at the shortstop and the minute the shortstop wants the ball to try to make the pick off, he flashes his glove and starts running toward second base. The pitcher then fires the ball to the shortstop in hopes of making an out.   

Additionally, we have other calls given by the shortstop that signify for the pitcher to look once, lift the leg and then turn and throw to the shortstop or second baseman as they break for the out. These same strategies can apply to the second or third baseman and are easy ways to help keep the signals discreet and successful.

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