Parents Need to Lead by Example

parents youth baseball Jun 21, 2022

Parents and coaches, our kids tend to mimic what we do and follow our lead. They do not necessarily follow what we say, but our body language and our actions. If a parent tells a child "be respectful," yet does not follow this while they sit at the games, the child will not follow what they say, but what they do.   

On day 1 at Zoned, we have player-parent meetings where we go over the standards our players, and ourselves, are going to live up to. We need to be on time, play the game hard, and always be respectful. This means we are respectful to everyone! The teammates, coaching staff, umpires, and the other team deserves every players respect and we have to stick by these rules. It shows not only the player, but the parents how we are going to approach the season and what our expectations are as a team.   

Similarly, we make sure OUR coaching staff has a standard that allows us to set the best example for each and every player when we are in a lesson or out on the field.

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