Outfield Drills with Agility Ladder and Tennis Balls

baseball training outfield drills Jul 29, 2020

Need more outfield drills?

Are you trying to help your players be more athletic?

Are you struggling with directional and range drills?

Here are some good ways to help your players.

It is important that any athlete or individual who is performing these drills properly warms up his or her muscles and joints. Since agility exercises require multi-directional movements, then there should be a focus on preparing for your body for such motion.

Dynamic stretching is the best way to properly warm up your muscles, and ensure that you stay injury free.

Agility Ladder Drills w/Tennis Balls

In this video we are showing a few different variations of drills that you can use with an agility ladder and tennis balls.

💥 Pre Game & Warm-ups

💥 Agility and Angles

💥 Footwork

💥 Directional Drills


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