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Quick Tips for Outfield Cut Offs

cut off outfield shortstop youth baseball Jul 02, 2022

When to use a cut off player can be challenging to understand, especially for youth baseball players. At Zoned, we use a cut off man depending on the situation. For example, when there are no outs and no players on base, a cut off player is good to ensure the ball gets back in to the pitcher with little error.  

 If there are players on first and third with a hit to right field, the plays incorporate many more factors. If the players are 13U and they just moved onto the bigger field, we strongly recommend a cut off man because they cannot yet reach. However, the 12U players who can make the throw accurately do not need a cut off man. Ultimately, it depends on the player's arm strength, individual abilities, and size of the field.   

We teach our players to always throw THROUGH the cut off man. Instead of rainbows that result in a short hop, by throwing through the shortstop or third baseman, they can decide to cut it off if they need to and would result in a long hop which is much easier to field and causes less error.

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