It's on You! Coach the Best into Them!

motivation Aug 05, 2020

It's on You

As the summer season starts to wind down we have been asked the same question over and over.

Coaches are Saying ...

"We are having a really hard time with the parents"...

"The parents are getting so overbearing and controlling that we want to sometimes quit coaching" ...

"Can you give us some tips on how to better control our parents" ...

Coaches we hear you- These are all very valid questions and no matter how good of a coach you are the parents still most of the time only see, hear, and care about their own kids.  Their child is most important and they will do everything in their power to manage and control that.

We created this video because I think its PERFECT!

It's on You is about putting the ball into the players court.  Its up to the player to develop, and be the best they can be with our help.

Making excuses, whining, and complaining about a situation, or problem is not a solution.

Attitude, effort, hustle, and focus are what help make players find solutions and play at their best.

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