How to Teach a Pitcher a Change Up

how to change up pitchers development pitching Jul 30, 2020

What is a Change Up, and WHY is it important?

Why throw one?-


When to throw one?- 


Mike Nikorak a 1st round draft pick in the 2015 MLB draft by the Colorado Rockies tells us first hand the importance ..


A change up is a secondary pitch used to throw off the hitter's timing.


If and when a hitter seems to be timing up your fastball then mixing up pitches is a great strategy.


After establishing fastball command. Being aware of the swings the batter is putting on the baseball.


Example: Player fouls the ball off hard somewhere whether it be straight back or down the line.


Other examples: The player has a super aggressive approach, taking big swings, looking for fastballs.


Goal is to locate a changeup low in the zone with an identical delivery as throwing a fastball. A good time to throw a changeup would be 1-1 2-2 low in the zone. Another opportunity to throw this pitch is when you are behind in the could 1-0 2-0 to aggressive hitter expecting a fastball.


Importance and why to use it-

To throw the hitters timing off. Hitting is timing. Being aggressive with the delivery of the pitch helps disguise the pitch as a fastball. A hitter with a fastball approach has a hard time telling the difference between a fastball and a changeup because the spin is the same, however the velocity is different. 


Why are they effective?

They help throw off the hitters' timing of the pitcher.

They help induce ground balls

Helps set up other pitches on both sides of the plate.

A change in velocity


When to throw one?

To an aggressive hitter or after an aggressive swing/foul ball

Following a fastball

Anytime you are in a count when a fastball is the expected pitch to be thrown


Examples: 0-0,1-0, 2-0, 1-1, 2-2


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