How to Properly Coach Soft Toss or Side Toss

hitting drills Nov 11, 2021
How to Soft Toss in Baseball

A typical drill used in practices and before games is the highly used Soft Toss or Side Toss. 

This drill is great to help warm up your players and to get their bodies ready for batting practice.


You can use side toss as a station during practice, as a warm up before a game, or whenever your players just wants to take a few swings.  

We are using hard balls and Smushballs for this drill. We use hard balls if coaches are doing the tossing, and then we use Smushballs in smaller areas or if a player is flipping to another player. 

Here is how you Side Toss. 

1. Present the ball to the hitter by showing it to them so they get ready. 

2. Bring the hand back slow and keep the tempo the same throughout the toss. 

3. When you toss the ball aim for the front pocket or belt area of the hitter. 

4. You can mix up the locations but stay smooth and toss the ball in front of the hitter.  Always remember to take your time as the tosser so that the hitter can get ready and repeat the movement. 

 I hope you enjoy the drill! 

Click here for ⚾️ Smushballs

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