How to Prep Step to Increase your Range on the Diamond

baseball coach training baseball training defense drills dominate the diamond prep step Oct 15, 2020

Make the most out of working in a small area!

One of our favorite drills to do indoors and outdoors is called the Prep Step Drill.  You can do this is a small area and work on first step quickness and taking the correct angles to the ball.  
The key to doing the prep step correctly is to keep your feet moving while the pitcher is getting ready to deliver the pitch.  As the ball is entering the hitting zone, the players feet should be hitting the ground to allow for the quickest first step to the ball.  Work on drop steps, ground balls or slow rollers and work on the players timing so there is no wasted step!
* Keep the feet moving during the pitchers delivery!
* Feet should hit the ground as the ball is entering the hitting zone!
* Keep an eye on their first step quickness - no false steps!  
* Take the correct angles to the ball!

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