How to Dive Back to the Bag on a Pick Off

baserunning diving back practice plans Oct 07, 2020

Q: How should we teach our players to get back to the bag safely on a pick off throw from the pitcher?

This is a great question and as there are many ways to get back to the bag whether it’s a dive back, run back, lunge back these are all techniques depending on the distance of the lead. We like to teach a specific lead which allows us to know exactly where we are in relationship to the bag and also a specific dive back.

This weekend we had a hard time getting the players to understand the importance of diving back to first base on a pick off throw from the pitcher with our right hand, look away for the throw, and see if there was a miss thrown ball. We discussed it in between games and we also did some drills to help them.  This is raw footage from  the field.

We had the players get to a lead position and then went to pick them off.

Teaching point:

1.  Dive to the bag portion of the bag.

2.  Use your right hand. 

3.  Make sure to look to your left to avoid getting hit in the face and to also see if there is a bad throw.

This is a good way to check on all your players to make sure they are doing it properly, and you can use this drill during practice after warmups, before warm ups, or as a station.

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