How to Create a Championship Team Culture!

baseball team team culture Jun 09, 2021

How to Create a Championship Team Culture!

When I think of what it means to us to have a good team culture I think of the following. This stands for the environment in which the players connect and grow in together.  Its like a puzzle everyone has roles and if everyone follows the culture and participates in the greater good of the team that is when magical things happen. 

Cultures don’t make great Teams, it is what allows the space for great teams to be created. 

We put together 5 Principles


The team should always come first. Whether it is on or off the field the team comes first and when we think of the team it helps us make tough decisions easier. What’s an example: Coach calls a bunt to sacrifice yourself to move a runner, giving yourself up for the team. Off the field example is you see one of your teammates struggling and you help them in class.


Be clear with expectations and values.

Energy, Effort, Attitude. 

Those core values the players take on everyday they take the field.  Along with those values were the expectations that are ingrained in our player’s lives not just in their sport but in society. 

Those aren’t just the values of our program, they are the program. 

Run Team activities we do something called the magic carpet or the Circle Drill (will explain in another video)


Every little thing matters.  We stretch, throw a certain way, we focus during base running.  We wear our uniform and make sure it’s tidy we tie our shoes, everything matters.  All of the little things over the course of the season builds into a BIG WIN.

Landmind Finish Line (will explain in another video)


Its easy to let things slide and to cut corners but when we take the time to do it right and keep one another accountable it helps all. Build accountability into the culture so peers push others to act appropriately in all settings.


Don’t turn your back on a situation.  It's easy to want to pretend something didn't happen or that you didn't see it but know that the players know.Situations that make people uncomfortable are something that must be dealt immediately or they will fester under the surface.  Make it known ahead of time that there will be consequences for the actions they take if they so choose.  Using a team first approach to those consequences makes the individual incredibly aware of the result they have on the greater whole.

Good communication is the bridge to confusion and clarity be clear with your communication or else you’ll have much confusion.

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