How to Add Pitching Into Practice

Apr 24, 2022

Coach Steve Nikorak shares his experience adding pitching into his team practices. Whether it's youth baseball or softball, or high school level, these elements are perfect for your practice plans.

Here we discuss several ways to add pitching into our practices throughout the week. For younger teams, most players pitch and play a position. Below are a few ways to add it into our practice plans.


1. Add a bullpen into the throwing program. After a long toss program, have each player pitch to one another while their throwing partner gets down into a catchers position. This is a great way to get everyone working on their grips and location at every practice.

2. Have one coach pull the pitchers 1 at a time to get their bullpen session in. This can be done during batting practice or position fundamentals.

3. Create simulated games at practice. Have pitchers throw live to hitters so you're able to get both pitching and hitting work done at one time. This adds value to the pitchers and the hitters. Pitcher's get to work throwing to a hitter and the hitter's can work on their timing and gets them ready to see live arms during the game.

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