How to Build Softball Hitters' Confidence (Youth Players)

confidence hitting softball Jun 11, 2022

Youth baseball and softball players have the tendency of hitting great in the cages, great off the machine and struggle with confidence when facing live arms.

There are several ways that we attack this issue. We love to simulate live games in practice and get our hitters as many live looks at pitchers as possible. We add this into our weekly practice plans and do this all winter during training sessions.

Another way to attack this issue is to have players stand in when the pitchers are throwing their bullpens. While the pitchers are practicing, have your hitters "shadow" and stand in with their bat. This helps the pitchers work with a hitter standing in and it gets the hitters to work on their timing and tracking a lot more pitches than they're used to seeing.

Both of these examples are solutions to hitters that get nervous, struggle with timing or take too many pitches. This prepares them with the confidence that they will be on time, be aggressive and swing early in the count! 

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