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Heavy Wind Fly Ball Drill

flyball drill May 14, 2021


how many times do you hear your outfielders or infielders on a pop fly say,  “oh the ball, it was windy and it was blowing all over the place."

Well, how often does the ball go straight up and straight down? It has some sort of movement to it whether it was the tail, or the wind.  So how about this drill.

You take cones if you have the bigger cones or the smaller cones. I'm going to toss the cone up in the air and who knows where it's going to go. The player has to continue to move their feet, get under the ball, and catch it.

Oftentimes when you watch at all the younger levels, you'll see the player run and then they just stop and then there goes the ball, and they just don't move their feet. So with these you know you have to move your feet so I'm going to take this, Coach Steve's going to catch it and I'm just going to toss it up. These are never going to go in the same spot, these things are going to curve all over the place. A lot of times they come forward, a lot of times they’ll go back. Then you'll take these and spin them. Got to move your feet, got to catch them. That was a real heavy wind. So, if you're looking for ways to get your players to move their feet because oftentimes when you toss the ball it comes straight down. Using certain objects like this, cones and tossing them up will really get them to move their feet so that's a great drill, a fun drill to work on moving your feet and catching some fly balls.

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