3 great drills for teaching players to catch fly balls

baseball catching drills for beginners baseball drills Apr 29, 2022
fly ball drills


We have 3 great drills that the players love and really help them to judge fly balls and learn to catch them while having a great time.

1.  The first is the flyball competition drill. This can be done inside or outside. Have players toss their baseball in the air and the first one to catch 5 (or 10) flyballs wins. It sounds simple but especially with the young kids, they'll be throwing them all over the place and have to run for them and judge where they'll land. Use squishy balls with the younger kids.

2.  The second drill for practicing catching fly balls is the zig zag drill. Set up cones in a zig zag pattern on the field. Then have a coach throw to the player and have them use their prep step in zig zag motion as their catching the fly ball.

3.  The third drill that the kids love is the Squishy Fly Ball Drill. Using a squishy ball throw a fly ball and have the kids "catch it" with the rim of their hat. This requires them to position themselves under the ball. They have a blast and it helps them learn how to judge where the ball will land.

Let us know how they work for your team!

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